kindergarten on the roof : Marek Přikryl

kindergarten on the roof of the National Theatre

+ Martin Prokš, 1st prize in the study category - Young architect award

The general lack of free places in kindergartens begins to spread even to the centre of Prague, and finding a free building space in this part of town presumes difficulties. Therefore, the kindergarten would roost on the roof of the adjacent building of the National Theatre. The row of the New Scene buildings of the N.T., and particularly their flat roofs seem a controversial, yet quite a fitting place for such a project. An unique, exposed place, an outstanding location, an unused ground. The kindergarten could serve to the Theatre`s employees and to the people from close vicinity. The technology of fitted containers would also further simplify the whole building-process.

The kindergarten is cut off form the noisy streets and the atrium partially stands as a substitute for a garden and a playground. The roof therefore serves as an extension to the “playground” area of the atrium. To get all the way up, children would use stairs, while the route down would lead through a chute-like slide (or vice versa). Plexiglas shelters children against wind, an ideal material to watch the roof landscape of the New City.

A new kindergarten  in the heart of the city

8th floor  

9th floor  

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