G57 : Marek Přikryl

Reconstruciton of a Prefab Concrete Building G57 in Prague

+ Martin Prokš, competition project, 2nd prize

Of late, an extensive regeneration of the whole Petřiny housing estate has been taking place. Unfortunately, in vast majority, we are talking about a rather sad procedure of fitting the façade with warming insulation panels of dubious colouring. Problems surrounding estates cannot be resolved just by a new rain coat. One of the main topics for debate is a lack of different flat categories, resulting in a rather dull choice of inhabitants, and being a social melting point is the best prevention from greyish ghettoes. The best prevention from greyish ghettoes being a social melting-pot. Our plan comprises a structure with 2+1 flats from the 2. floor above, which to a larger extent predicates the diversity of the inhabiting people. The goal of this plan is:

1) bettering the quality of living by modern technologies (insulation, heat-saving mechanisms).
2) bettering the quality of living by diversification of inhabitants (singles, childless families, etc.).
3) bettering the structure of the scheme by incorporating different social classes (creation of new services).

We respect and revere the concept of a panel housing system, its logic and aesthetics. These are the characteristic features of a housing estate, and they seem to stand to time well. The raised part is easily distinguished form the rest of the structure with the new dispositions bettering the over-all living standard. The structure is insulated with a typical insulating coat of 170 mm in width, with a neutral slightly pale gray façade and the pedestal slightly darker colour.


The Petřiny housing estate created in 1959-65 was built on the system G57: a transversal load-bearing system, a module of 3,6m with the construction height of 2,85m, fitted into 4 and 7 floor structures, occasionally dotted with 12-story component buildings.

2nd - 4th floor, a typical one. Designed/current state. The new dispositions respecting the load-bearing structure offer 3 basic flat parameters: 2+kk 36 m2, 3+kk 55 m2 and 3+1 82 m2. The current flats being all 2+1. Each new section also has a lift.

5th floor, roof pick-up. 10 houses built in a row strongly influence the silhouette of the whole. Each house serves as a maisonette flat available in three dimensions: 4+kk+terrace 140 m2, 4+kk 96 m2, 3+kk 122 m2.

6th floor. The new individual buildings respect the modulation of panel houses and use every second load-bearing wall. The construction is created by a series of wooden frames. Both the original house, and the whole pick-up are prefabricated.

A longitudial section.  

A cross-section showing the profile of a street Na Petřinach.

A work sketch into a photography showing the current state of a panel building (year 2009) with a typical colour lay-out. The facade coating was constructed as a concrete sandwich with a insulation layer of 60mm.

The reconstructed panel building remains mono-functional. We assume that the building’s parter can, in this place, remain habitable. The main pedestrian zone, a place where services managed to thrive, lies further East.