NYC theatre pier : Marek Přikryl

New York Theater city competition

+ Markéta Mráčkova & Bára Šimonová

The floor program needed for NY Theater city we consider too small for the given area. Instead, we would like to keep the memory of the site, plant trees and behave generously. A new roadless wild garden, famous high line and the late night sizzling theater pier all connected together into one thriving whole.

We want to preserve the distant views of NY, enrich the whole urban pattern and add one pier to the amazing Manhattan outline. The theater city is made up from diverse volumes according to the programme and all tight together by a floating pier. The main matrix of the pier enables future expansion.

New York will get an incubator, an open platform and a new-tendencies site; disconnected from the commercial theatre world and Broadway companies. A Freespirit of NY.



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