the chapel at Liběchov : Marek Přikryl

the chapel of the Holy Spirit at Liběchov

Jan Trejbal, Marek Přikryl, Janek Dočekal, Jolana Teuberová, Jan Mucska

The Chapel of The Holy Spirit at Liběchov, 50 km north from Prague, in August 2011 held a workshop to promote, up-date and revive this dilapidated, albeit a remarkable landmark. Following the workshop should be a publication mapping the history of the site and its imaginative art which sprung up here during this three-day meeting and draws on the general problematic over the preservation of heritage sites, landscaping, architecture, and art in general. Libechov 2011 udalost v krajine aneb jak ozivit chatrajici pamatku audio recordings of all performances

fotografie: AI photography
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photography Josef Janáček  

The chapel of the Holy Spirit: sketch by Josef Janáček

The chapel of the Holy Spirit on an old postcard