the bus station gallery : Marek Přikryl

the bus station gallery


The aggressive luridness of street advertising, the intrusion on public place, the obtrusiveness of a dull consumerism. These were probably the moving impulses for the new cultural platform situated in one of the Prague`s districts. Rising from the knot of a heavy public transport, taking the advantage of a massive bus station of a once industrial area stands Smíchov.

A house stands in a man’s way. As a result, people waiting for their allotted transport links are unavoidably staring indoors, and those indoors are staring back on the stage. Both become the actor and the audience. All automatically become visitors.

The gallery aims to provide an unusual cultural experience to as wide a spectrum of the city’s inhabitants as possible. To people daily beaten by ever more sophisticated advertising strategies. It is a gallery for the city traveller, helping him revive his cognitive senses.

A stage and an auditory at the same time. The people waiting for a bus are staring indoors, and those inside are looking at the stage. a lidé uvnitř naopak vidí na tribunu.

A cross section.  

A cross section  through the stair well.

lower level: a level with an old underground vestibule, holding an exposition of veteran buses. Further behind the glass lies a resting-space for public transport bus-links.

ground floor: main entrace.

2nd floor: exposition / multi purpose space.

3rd floor: exposition / multi purpose space.

situation Prague 5, area called Na Knížecí

Facade panels  from translucent glass-fibre, once typical for bus and tram shelters.