buildings on the crossroad : Marek Přikryl

buildings on the crossroad


Gluing together the old and the new Prague`s Smíchov is a challenge. Once an unified quarter, nowadays a district cut in half by a large crossroad. Yet it is just the teeming traffic structure that seems to show the way out; by no means to cloak the old bridge into fancy clothes, but to build up the arisen vacant spaces, with the final vision of a whole.


1940: The dominating ČKD Tatra Smichov. A lively heavy industry.

2004: Bang! The Prague Bypass wedges out a part of Smichov. The bridge over the Plzeňska street dominates the whole area, but the area fails as a whole, notwithstanding its architectonic pluses. A fundamental change to commercial zone.

Current state: an unavoidable division of Smíchov into the old and the new one, that is, also into the poor and the rich one.

A plan here: an incorporation of houses into residual and seemingly underestimated places, the filling up of an urban map. A bridge over the Plzeňska street disappears along with its overpasses.

A: a tenement house, B: a tenement house, C: a fire-station, D: shops, E: a police station, F:hotel, G: a chapel, H: a café, I: a training-ground.

A view from the Mövenpick hotel towards the Sacre-Coeur park. An unified height, construction, and colour. An homage to a pink ans massive monolith.