the ideal theatre : Marek Přikryl

the ideal theatre (for the director Jan Nebeský)


An attempt for an ideal and headstrong theatre building. An American bar in an anonymous city, a gas station in a desert, a baroque chapel - all standing where they themselves need, creating their own context. They are those who dictate to the surroundings. They control. This is my argumentation for a blueprint of a self-sufficient structure. An attempt to give the building the power to dictate. The crucial house.

I think that parallel with the drawing of such a blueprint runs a second task, that is, to find words proper, or seaving enough, to outline the project as accurately as possible. An ideal theatre will be mostly: hum-drum, prank, audience falling over onto the stage, rustling and creaking. Egg-shell, muzzle, mug and kisser. Nonvariable, unruly. Tangible. Hairy, slightly moulting. Purple, perhaps slightly scented, stinking in corners, sweating. The eye is spitting, tearing, oozing and crying.

The shape of the theatre springs out of these associations. A wanton creature. To the perifery estate. To the centre. To the suburb. To the field. On the dump. To the sunshine. The groundwork for this project was taken from the previous designing-projects of the theatre Bouda, Kokon, Měch and Pavlač.