the fish : Marek Přikryl

the fish

installation, intermedia studio, AVU Prague

Elegance, ugliness, fins, eyes, a lateral line crossing the body, a fish market, the smell of fish, fish scales, the hooves of meat and an open gill, red gills, the smell again and scales as well, torpedoes, stream-lines, flat flatfish, ice, a drift, a vat, cold water, swords, saws, thorns.


The first caught sturgeon given to the closest church, a nameless island judged to be the back of a giant fish, five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish and then another story about Jonah and the whale, the fish Abtu and Anet warning against danger in the Old Egypt, the flying fish Chua bringing the dry season into China, a hundred-headed fish Kapila in India, made of the karma of a hundred angry words, Remora in Rome who slowed down a Caligula’s vessel notwithstanding four hundred row-men, and decided the fate of the Roman Empire, Bahamut in Arabia, a fish living in the shallows of bottomless waters, on whom, in imagination, they put a bull, on the bull a rock, on that rock an angel, upon the angel six hells, and upon that hell the Earth, and above the Earth they put the heaven. Under Bahamut there is nothing but darkness.


Instead of an illustration a thought; how to conjure up a feeling that there is a big fish here with me, by its dimensions far exceeding a common sense and the room itself? An attempt to capture the image of this fish only by the faint out-lines of her abdomen, back, and the tale-fin.

an abdomen  

a back  

a tale fin  

a legend / a tag