public space in Divišov : Marek Přikryl

revitalization of square in Divišov

+ Markéta Aulíková, Jitka Molnárová, competition project, 1st prize

The square in Divišov, situated on the crossroads of three main roads, suffers from heavy traffic, ring road construction is unrealistic and the heart of the village as a main pubic space fails. We suggest to clean, refill and pave the square, to make it compact and comprehensible. We insert a new municipal house which completes the non-definite square and becomes a new town landmark. We comprehend the square as sovereign urban space while the adjacent parish garden as tranquil green place. We sightly move the tree alley, add new one in the parish garden and clean away the greenery in the center of the square. The only aim is: to emphasize the importance and the form of Divišov`s square.

Interventions (in red)

19th centrury  




The new municipal house, enclosing the square