an ideal small scyscraper : Marek Přikryl

an ideal small scyscraper (ISS) - eVolo competition

+ Markéta Mráčkova & Bára Šimonová

1) ISS will contain housing. Housing is a main human need. 1st floor for commercial use.
2) ISS fights against overdesign, exclusivity, sprawl and social-ghetto-like projects.
3) ISS is not a landmark nor icon.
4) ISS wants to help to create a city, dense and compact one. We believe in a city center.
5) ISS is repeatable or can stand in a gap between already standing houses.
6) ISS has as little technology as possible. In developed world this means sustainability.
7) ISS uses open corridor system with entrances to apartments.
8) ISS is flexible in an apartments layout. There are different categories of apartments.
9) ISS will have an economic, short-span load bearing structure.
10) We consider twenty storey building as a maximum limit from social, economic and environmental point of view.